Van wijk sloop

Amount of people: 8/9
Price per hour: €   42,50,-
Price per day: € 210,00,-
2nd and 3nd day: € 175,00,- p.d.


Make your trip complete with a mix of goodies:

  • Mixed nuts, olives and salted cookies with a great bottle of white wine for €25,00
  • The platter is based on 5 persons, if your more than 5 persons we will charge some extra.


  • For this boat there is a deposit of € 250,00 .

    Minimum rent 2 hours

    • If you rent a boat,  you need to be back in the harbour before 19.00 a clock.
    • After 19.00 a clock we don’t rent boats anymore.
    • In the high season from the 1th of July till the 1th of September you can only rent a boat for a whole day. Not for a few hours.
    • You get a boat with a full tank of gas, you can drive with a full tank for a whole day.