Fishing license

Fishing license

The Vinkeveense Plassen is an excellent fishing area. Here you will find large numbers of carp, pike, zander and roach.

You must be in possession of one of the following documents for fishing on the Vinkeveen lakes.

A day or week permit from the Cooperative Hunting and Fishing Association “De Goede Vangst (The Good Catch)”
A fishing pass from the General Weesper Hengelaarsbond or from the Amsterdam Fishing Association.

The permits do NOT apply to areas where signs indicate that fishing is prohibited.

On the Vinkeveense Plassen an extra permit is required for night fishing, the so-called Night fishing license.
This permit may only be issued together with a weekly fishing permit.


Purchase your fishing license
at Jachthaven Borger 

Price list

You buy at Jachthaven Borger:

Day fishing license for            € 5,00

Weekly fishing license for    € 15,00

Night fishing license for       € 15,00


Lakes map

With your fishing license you receive the Vinkeveen  lakes puddle card.


Apply for a permit

We will contact you within 24 hours.
After our confirmation your reservation is final.

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