Rent a boat

Enjoyment on the water at the Vinkeveense Plassen

As a port in Vinkeveen located on the Vinkeveense Plassen you can contact us for renting a boat. We have a diverse selection of boats for rent at attractive prices. Our boat rental Vinkeveense Plassen varies from renting a rowing boat to renting an electric sloop.

View our rowing boats, motor boats and sloops here and contact us for a reservation.

Rent a motorboat or prefer an electric sloop?

Whichever boat you choose at the boat rental on the Vinkeveense Plassen, fun and relaxation is what you find. Whether you rent a rowing boat or rent an electric sloop, you will have a fantastic experience.

Here you find our General terms and conditions for rent and rental of vessels

Polyester rowboat

Persons: 5
Price per hour: € 7,50
Price per day: € 20,-
2nd and 3rd day: € 15,- p.d.

Whaly motor boat


Persons: 6/7
Price per hour: € 22,50
Price per day: € 87,50
2nd and 3rd day: € 55,- p.d.

Askaladden tour boat


Persons: 5/6
Price per hour: € 40,-
Price per day: € 150,-
2nd and 3rd day: not possible.

Motor boat 5hp


Persons: 5
Price per hour: € 17,50
Price per day: € 70,-
2nd and 3rd day: € 35,- p.d.

Motor boat 8hp


Persons: 5
Price per hour: € 27,50
Price per day: € 110,-
2nd and 3rd day: € 75,- p.d.

Motor boat 9.9hp


Persons: 5
Price per hour: € 35,-
Price per day: € 150,-
2nd and 3rd day: € 75,- p.d.

Van Wijk Sloop


Persons: max. 8
Price per hour: € 42,50
Price per day: € 225,-
2nd and 3rd day:€ 175,- p.d.

Electric Sloop


Persons: 6
Price per hour: € 27,50
Price per day: € 125,-
2nd and 3rd day: Not possible

Valk Sailboat

Alufleet 700 sloep

 15 PK

Aantal personen: maximaal 12
Prijs per uur:  € 75,00
Prijs per dag:  € 400,00

For young and old

We have boats for rent for everybody to enjoy a day on the water. For children who want to be active, renting a rowing boat is ideal. Do you want to go on the water with your whole family? For example, opt for an 6 person electric sloop. Easily enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Pay with debit card

You can also pay the deposit by debit card. The deposit is secured on your debit card and the deposit is released again when the boat is returned correctly. It will not be debited from your account. It is indicated per boat whether a deposit must be paid and what rate.

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