About us

The beginning when marina and motel borger did not exist …
From chicken farmer to recreation entrepreneur

The origins of Jachthaven Motel Börger can be traced back to the
second half of the last century. , peat bogs like a number of other Vinkeveners,
had to deal with the outcome of the dying process.
A series of islands remained unused after they had been used as
peat layers for peat extraction. At the same time there are several Amsterdammers, who are interested in an island in the Vinkeveense plassen.

Willow branch as a border marker “In the early days,” says Jos Börger (Henk’s son), “the island pieces were simply used in the course.
A willow branch was placed after every fifty meters.
That was the limit. My father got the chance to buy the old farm property.
In the part the first rooms were furnished and slowly the pension function came.
Later rooms were also set up in the hangars. These were rented out in the
summer and from October the folding walls were put away and the boats
could be parked. ”

Clubhouse sailing club

“We have also accommodated the sailing club for many years.
I can still remember that there was a continuous battle between
the ‘sharpies’ and the ‘freedom’.
The conviviality in the canteen did not have time.
It happened, that the stuff was still there at noon and
my father just put the key on the table
with the remark ‘see what you still use, take care of it, I go to bed!’.

Museum as a hobby

Henk Börger is the founder of Museum De Ronde Venen,
which stands on the grounds of the marina. Jos explains:
“My father had collected so many items from the peat labor
that he could arrange a complete museum with this.
That was really his biggest hobby, which certainly also kept
him going for a number of years.
I am convinced that he lived through his museum for years. ”

The beginning of Marina and Motel Borger ….
1970 when the old farm was replaced by a new business building
with a party room, simple B & B rooms with shared shower / toilet
for fishermen and the upcoming tourist.
The supply of tourists was so great that in 1995 Jos Börger personally
built 5 large family rooms with private bathroom at the port.
Due to stricter fire safety requirements in 2003, a fire wall had to be built
between the boat shed and the family rooms.

This was so drastic that we decided to demolish the building and set up
a totally new building with 10 luxury family rooms.

As it is located on the Vinkeveense plassen the sailing tourist certainly
noticed that the building is painted in the Scandinavian color yellow and
the boat shed in red.

These colors have also been implemented in the log cabins to be hired
on the dike site behind the company.
The luxurious rooms fall under the 3 star classification and are provided
with breakfast only. In the breakfast room an old little BM (sailing boat)is used that we
have received as a gift from a customer of the marina for the breakfast buffet.

At this moment we work together as one family in the company.